A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

USA > Mexico

Tijuana Border

September 2012

When leaving the USA there was no requirement to get our passport stamped.

When entering Mexico, proceed through customs. There is a traffic light system for checks. Red light means pull over for your bike to be searched or green light to go straight through.

Proceed to the Banjercito/Immigration office. It isn’t very well signposted so use these GPS co-ordinates to locate it:

Latitude: 32°32’24.19″N 117°1’54.76″W (courtesy of http://www.liferemotely.com)

There is secure parking available within the compound. All the buildings are next door to each other which makes it all a simple process.

Complete the tourist card with the immigration official and proceed to the Banjercito to pay the $20 fee for each person.

Take the receipt back to the immigration official and your tourist card will be stamped.

You will need photocopies of your stamped tourist card, bike registration document and vehicle owner passport. There is a copy shop onsite and they didn’t charge us anything.

Return to the Banjercito with your original documents and copies. The motorcycle temporary import fee is approx $35 (plus tax) plus they require a bond of $200-$400 depending of the age of your vehicle.

A windshield sticker and certificate will be issued along with a receipt.


The bond can be paid in cash or by credit card. If you decide to use a small border like El Ceibo when leaving Mexico, then use cash as they do not have credit card facilities to refund the payment to your card. The majority of borders can refund your to your card but double-check if you have a specific route planned.

You do not require the vehicle permit until your reach La Paz but it’s easier to get it all done in the same place in Tijuana as you need to get the tourist card anyway. La Paz cannot issue tourist cards.


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