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Last week it was bears – this week it’s tornadoes

We’ve been in the USA for nearly two weeks and I love it for several reasons….

“Gas” (or petrol to you and me) is super cheap. $12 fills the tank. Yanks moan about the rising fuel costs but when you are riding a 600cc bike, its almost a joy to fill up in the mornings!

Huge cans of beer are around $2 each and you can buy them in the service stations – none of that finding a liquor store rubbish like in Canada.

Everything is BIG. Cars, RV’s, Houses, and of course – Food. (The dangerous bit unless you want to end up a fatty)

When travelling through State College, someone recommended that we stop off at the University Creamery. I ordered two single cones and got these. The guy serving saw my surprise and said “This is America maaan!”

Most of it dripped down my arm but I persevered with it then felt sick for a couple of hours.

We hit the road through Lancaster and Intercourse (tehe!). It’s like being in a time warp seeing the Amish people ploughing fields the hard way and travelling by horse and cart. Only the steady stream of cars waiting to overtake them while they straddle the hard shoulder brings you back to the 21st century.

We went back in time again when we arrived in Philadelphia and visited Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell. The Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was signed here. Personally, I think they should give us Brits another chance, we’d be pretty flexible.

Washington DC was next and stayed with old friends in Maryland for a few days.
Did the touristy thing and gave the bike a rest while we walked around the sights and tried some great cupcakes 🙂
Nine tornadoes touched ground while we were in the area so the tent hasn’t been used much lately!

Red Velvet Cup Cakes nom nom…

Chicken – get in the pot!

As I write this, we are staying in a lakeside hotel in Virginia where they filmed Dirty Dancing. (It was Lisa’s idea – honest!). It doesn’t appear to have changed much since they filmed it apart from the lake has mostly drained away so we cannot recreate the scene where he lifts her up in the water. Damn you global warming!

I really should have looked up the rules for Checkers first.

We hit the road again tomorrow along the Blue Ridge Parkway to North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains. Over 400 miles of twisties – Bliss!!!!