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Fresh Start

Well it’s been a mad few weeks and have finally got around to updating the blog….

We have successfully sold/given away/trashed anything that won’t fit on the bike and handed back the keys to our Witney flat. Lisa’s car finally gave up just as we put it up for sale. (I kicked the back wheel and heard something crack) so ended up selling for spares – I’m not sure the rear wheel was the only problem anyway!

We left the UK on Thursday on a flight bound for New York City Baby! 2 days, 3 nights of sightseeing (mostly a blur now). Lisa has decided she would like an apartment on the upper west side overlooking central park. I think 10mil will probably buy something quite modest so I just need to find a job on Wall Street after this travelling lark is over. Harlem was a pretty interesting place to visit – so much going on the streets but I don’t think I want an apartment there.

We arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sunday completely knackered. Booked into a nice little b&b called Fresh Start just outside the main town and slept for 10 hours straight. This place is much more my kinda style and reminds me of Wellington. It has a nice waterfront, great for jogging, nice cafe’s and places to get a beer, and people are very friendly.

We started out early yesterday as we were keen to see if the bike had arrived in one piece. After getting all the paperwork in order and clearing customs, we took a bus to the Autoport. The battery was dead so had to get it jumped. Miraculously, only a side panel was broken and a few scratches here and there. The wait was quite worrying as we overheard some employees discussing the number of damaged cars that had just arrived in the port so we got off lightly!

Now we just need to plan where to go first – my knowledge of Canada isn’t that great as demonstrated when chatting to a couple at breakfast yesterday. They were from Ottawa and I blatantly assumed they were Americans. Durrrr.

We’ll be hitting the road this morning after loading up the bike, brushing up on the Canadian highway code and heading west……..or possibly north – we’ll decide over breakfast no doubt…..