A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

Peru > Chile

Concordia / Arica Border

January 2013

Enter the car park in front of “Complejo Fronterizo Santa Rosa” building.

1-Concordia Border - Leaving Peru into Chile

A completed Relacion De Pasajeros form is required before you enter immigration. The guards will hand you the form as you approach them.

Take the form to immigration and they do their thing and give you the necessary stamps. You need to go around the side of the building to Aduana Office (Oficina CIT) and hand over your Peru permit. When you leave the carpark you will have to show the stamped Relacion De Pasajeros form.

A bit further up the road and there is another car park as you approach Chile’s immigration and customs.

2-Concordia Border - Entering Chile

The booth at the front can supply an immigration form – unfortunately you have to queue up to get it, fill it in and queue back up to hand it over and get your passport entry stamp. They also wanted to see the Relacion De Pasajero form.

There is an x-ray room behind immigration where a customs form can be collected. Fill this in and ride up to the x-ray area. They usually want you to remove your panniers to put through the machines but on this occasion they were happy to just look in them. Two people signed/stamped the Relacion De Pasajeros form.

Ride through to the car park on the other side of the booth where you fill in the last form of the day for your new temporary bike permit. After receiving your new permit, you hand over the Relacion De Pasajeros form to the guard as you leave the immigration area.

3-Concordia Border - Chile Aduana

Overall is was quick and easy. No money or photocopies required.


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