A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

Mexico > Guatemala

Ciudad Cuauhtemoc/La Mesilla Border

October 2012

The Mexico side was pretty straight forward. We had to stop in Cuauhtemoc, 4km before the actual border, to get exit stamps in our passports and cancel the bike permit. The exit stamps were easy, no queues and was done in a couple of minutes. The town is small and you can’t miss the immigration/Banjercito building on the left.

The official will check the VIN numbers match for the bike and paperwork and then issue the bond refund. They take the windshield sticker and replace the original certificate that they supplied in Tijuana with a new certificate which confirms cancellation of the permit.

Then head towards Guatemala.

The entry process was simple – ride across the border, stop in the ‘coned’ area on the right and get the bike wheels sprayed by the fumigation guy, pay Q12 and get a receipt. Next up, the immigration building is next door to the fumigation area – pop in and get both of the passports stamped (there was no fee at this crossing – we have heard of ‘unofficial’ fees at other crossings – but there should be no cost!! – ask for a receipt if they try it on). In the third building (next door to immigration) you need to show the bike registration document, driving licence, passport and bike permit cancellation paperwork from Mexico in order to get the required documents for the bike to enter Guatemala. Then pay a fee (for us it was Q160 which I’ve read is the standard fee) and receive a new permit sticker for the bike.

Ride on and enjoy Guatemala!


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