A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

Honduras > Nicaragua

Guasaule Border

November 2012

We heard and read a few bad things about this border crossing but it was pretty straight forward.

Ride past the hundreds of trucks waiting inline at the border and prepare to be hounded by lots of helpers. One guy was wearing an official’s shirt but was acting sketchy when I looked at the pass around his neck and didn’t want me to examine it too closely.

Basically ignore anyone that approaches you and locate the immigration offices. There are two slip roads on the left. If you head down one of these it will lead you to a car park. There are two yellow buildings facing each other, at least they were yellow when we were here. The notes from another traveller who was there 6 months ago said they were grey. It might be another colour when you go!

Outside the building on the left, a guy will probably be sat outside at a small desk. He is Immigration.

Once you have your passport stamped (no fee required) head around the back of the same building and you will find customs behind a window with bars on it (looked a bit like a jail).

Hand over the driver’s passport and vehicle permit and the officer will come outside to check the bike and then stamp your passport to cancel the permit and will retain the paper vehicle permit.

Hope back on your bike and head over the bridge to Nicaragua. Stay to the left of the trucks and head towards fumigation.

When you arrive at fumigation, HGV’s go to the right and all other vehicles to the left.

Stop to be sprayed and pay the $3 fee at the office on the right hand side and get your receipt.

Whilst being fumigated, an insurance person will likely approach you. This is compulsory and costs $12. You will need to find someone with a clipboard who will sell this to you if there is nobody around.

Ride forwards into the car park of immigration/customs. Immigration is on the left side and customs on the right.

There is an ATM inside the main entrance (provides USD and local currency) and photocopying facilities at the back of the building on the left.

Pay $12 and receive a stamped paper visa (no stamp in passport).

Customs required a copy of your driver’s license, passport and vehicle registration. Hand this over with the fumigation receipt and insurance document. No payment required and after a few minutes, we were issued with a vehicle permit.

Keep the permit, tourist card receipt, fumigation receipt and insurance handy as you will need to show this on your way into Nicaragua…….in fact, keep it always to hand as we needed them at nearly every roadside checkpoint.


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