A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

Guatemala > Honduras

El Florido Border

November 2012

One of the smaller, less chaotic borders.

As you approach the border, you will arrive at a barrier where you will be waved through by an official and pointed to the car park on the right. We parked here while we cleared both borders as the offices are all within walking distance.

Immediately after the barrier, the first building on the left set back from the road, is where you will need to cancel your vehicle permit. This only takes a couple of minutes (they didn’t bother to check our VIN numbers).

The building next door on the same side of the road is Guatemala immigration. Get your exit stamp here and pay Q10.

Make sure you get your exit stamp in your passport and not a Copan Ruinas pass instead. We had to return again to immigration after realising that we were missing the stamp and explained to them that we were not returning to Guatemala.

That was painless! Hopefully Honduras will be as simple…….

Further up the road, there is a large building on the right just after the “Welcome to Honduras” sign.

The office furthest away in the building is where Honduras immigration is located. Pay $3 entry fee per person and get your passport stamped, tourist permit stapled in your passport and a receipt.

The office towards the middle of the building is Aduana (customs) where your vehicle permit will be issued.

They required 2 photocopies of my driving license, passport photo page and vehicle registration. If you do not have these with you, there is a small office further up the road just after you leave the border area that will do this for you. Walk into Honduras, just past the barrier and there is a small building on the left. Not sure if the people in there were anything to do with immigration but they did the photocopies for free.

Walk back to customs and wait patiently to be seen by the next person available. There was a lot of form filling and probably took over an hour to complete. Along with your new permit, they will stamp the drivers passport with vehicle information.

Keep the permit and your passport handy as you need to show this at the barrier when you enter Honduras.

Total time taken: 2 1/2 hours (there were two bikes and Honduras customs were pretty slow)


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