A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

On The Road Again!

Its been a month since our last blog update and we are only 100 miles away from where we left off…….not really the kind of traveling I imagined!

We checked out of dodgy Inglewood and checked into Terminal 3 at LAX ready for our flight home via an overnight stop in New York.

And it was actually sunny when we arrived in Blighty! No time to get over the jet-lag. It was time to sort out some of the things that we didn’t finish before we left. More packing, sell the car, tax returns, paperwork and other boring stuff.

The Green Machine. Isn’t she beautiful? Some other lucky guy is now the proud owner of this fine car.

We flew to Dalaman, Turkey a few days later to join Lisa’s family for her brother’s wedding in Oludeniz. It was a nice break from biking and a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

The happy couple Chris and Aimee….

After 6 nights of fun in the sun, we flew back to England for our last chance to tie up any loose ends and catch up with more people before we headed off on the rest of the adventure.

Lisa meets her new niece Maisie…

Dinner out with relatives…

Great views of the Artic circle on the flight back to LA….

We were back and raring to go! With some help from Bill and the use of his garage, we started fitting the new parts that we brought back over with us.

All was looking good but then I realised that I didn’t quite order all the parts needed so had to drive all over LA countless times so that we could get “Trinny The Tranny” (not sure about that name yet) tip top again.

List of stuff replaced:

Fork seals
Fork bushes
Fork spacers
Wheel bearings
Neutral switch
Fork oil
Engine oil
Spark plugs
Air filter
New uprated Hagon shock (woohoo!)
New Metzler Tourance tyres
Chain and Sprocket kit

Three legged squirrel pops in for a daily dose of free nuts….

Rev’it kindly sent us free staff t-shirts and stickers after hearing about our trip!

After fixing stuff (and breaking some other stuff) we took the bike for a test ride up the coast to Ventura with Bill, David, John and Anne, stopping for a Thai before riding back towards LA in the evening.

This is where Trinny decided to remind me that she is 25 years old and not as young as she used to be. It began to splutter, loosing power while we chugged along the highway on just one cylinder. After working out that one of the CDI’s had gone bad, we put in the spare that we were carrying and continued back to the motel in time for tea.

We then discovered that the 2nd CDI was not working 100%, so decided to order some replacements from Hollywood Honda before heading south where parts are probably harder to come by. Another two days of waiting around while eating Bill’s food gave us chance to tinker with the bike and find a couple more issues.

This morning our spare parts had arrived, the bike was running well and we were ready to hit the road!

A huge thanks to Bill for putting up with us squatters for so long!!

It feels so good to be back in the saddle and tonight we are only 30 miles from the Mexican border…….we had better brush up on our Spanish!!


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