A blog to record our motorbike adventure through the Americas

Farewell Canada…….we’re off to the USA

After almost two weeks on the road and about 2500km’s we’re about to cross the border into the US.

We had our first night of camping just outside Halifax, my paranoia about being eaten by a bear began and I made Dan lock all food in the bike panniers away from the tent.  After leaving Halifax (with what felt like a very heavily loaded bike) we headed North West into the state of New Brunswick and then through into Quebec in search of warm weather after enduring a pretty cold night camping near Fredericton (in a place called ‘Bear Island’ which really didn’t help my fear of bears).  Quebec city was really hot and we stayed a couple of nights so we could take a look around the old city.  I’m not sure if our thermometer was working correctly, but it certainly felt this hot!!!

After Quebec we headed down through Montreal into Ontario to the Thousand Island area…..through torrential rain! At least we got to test out the new bike gear to see how waterproof it really is!  Everything seemed okay, except for our gloves……and the miserable experience of driving in constant rain.  At least the sun was shining when we finally got to the Thousand Islands, so we soon relaxed and put our feet up for a couple of days.

We decided to off load some items and post them back home to free up some space on the bike….including the kitchen sink – perhaps a little unnecessary to bring that along.

With the bike all running well after quite a few days of riding we headed on to Toronto….and managed to arrive at rush hour…in incredibly hot hummid weather, which was somewhat uncomfortable, we were really glad to arrive and set up camp that day!

The following morning we set off on the ride to Niagara Falls but ended up on a slight detour after stopping for fuel and coffee.  We met Lawrence, a friendly Harley rider, who came over to chat to us after seeing our bike parked up.  He was waiting to meet up with his friends from the Vintage Motorcycle Club to ride the scenic route towards Niagara and then onto Buffalo.   We decided to accept his offer for us to join them and set off on an interesting ride on roads we would never of found ourselves with a mixture of Harleys, BMW, Honda’s and Triumph Tigers.  It was great to ride with a group, an unexpected highlight so far, and a really nice bunch of people.  After stopping for lunch with the group, we then went our separate ways so we could get onto Niagara and set up camp.

Today has also been another highlight, Niagara Falls…..one word – awesome! It was a little bit too touristy really, but it was amazing to see, we’ve had a really great few days.

Tomorrow, another country, more experiences, more fears – this time I’m paranoid about tornadoes (and probably still bears for a little while yet). Dan thinks I’m a bit crazy with all my paranoia, but at the same time I think he’s just glad I’m enjoying myself as secretly he was worried how I might take to this travel by motorcycle.

Our route through the US is still not decided……..other than heading to Washington DC, the rest will all be worked out on route, I can’t wait!


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